Export the problems and then we can export the solutions.

Export the problems and then we can export the solutions.

Trump doing what he does best which is getting attention.

I don’t truly believe he intends to ship off every last child of an illegal alien born in this country as I don’t think he believes he can overturn the 14th amendment which grants citizenship to people born in this country.  Nor do I think that Trump believes it is even logistically possible to identify who these people are based upon the inability of the government to track how many illegals are in the country and where they are.

Also, he must know that he could be opening up a subjective can of worms for all of us and giving the government even more power.   This concept brings back to mind the Nazi practice of tracking down which people had Jewish ancestry and then applying it to today where we are suddenly questioned as to whether our ancestors entered the country legally or illegally.  What happens when we elect a President or appoint a Supreme Court Chief Justice of Cherokee or Sioux ancestry?  Who would they identify as illegal aliens?

I believe he is doing two things – getting attention and opening the first round of negotiations pf a plan to solve a problem that politicians have ignored for fear of alienating voters of Latin origin and risking being labelled as a racist.

Donald, if you do plan on sending all the illegals and their children home I recommend three things.

1) Farewell Fund:

With the money saved from the billions we spend on these illegals send them home with a farewell fund to help them resettle.  Truly, we do need to be empathetic and consider what we would do for our own families if we lived in the squalor of their native land.

Reader – Consider, what would you do if a country within reach with little border protection, a history of granting amnesty and citizenship to native born would provide your children with free healthcare, clean drinking water, and the opportunity to be educated and work?

I for one would march straight to that country and work until my hands bled and save money until I could afford to provide my family a home and then get them to that country no matter what it took.  If you’re reading this blog then I imagine you would do the same.

2) Send the Bums Away Too

For those millions living off the government teat that aren’t reading this blog and instead are still sleeping or spending their fraudulently claimed social security or unemployment on beer for breakfast I have another recommendation.

Ship them to Latin America to help the illegals resettle and see if they would like to live in a country where people would do anything to have the opportunity to earn an honest living.  The laziest in this country are not the “illegals” but instead the native born multi-generation Americans who have decided they don’t want to earn a living when one can be provided them without any labor.

3) Start with the Criminals that Caused The Problem

Donald Trump should make an executive order to extend the honor of leading the march to the border to the American politicians that caused this situation through action or inaction.  They violated their oath of office to enforce the laws of the land – let’s punish them accordingly by putting them at the head of this new trail of tears for the illegal aliens.

Let’s ensure we are not partisan in expelling to Latin America those leaders from both sides of the aisle that did nothing to protect our borders and allowed the millions to take advantage of the apathetic and inept leadership in our nation’s capital.

Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Obama, Pelosi McConnell, Boehner and many others can all be sent packing with a farewell package including water purification tablets and a How to Speak Spanish book as English isn’t recognized in the ghettos of Latin America.

True leaders would have solved this issue by first protecting our border eliminating the tide of illegal immigrants.  Then offering tax incentives to American and foreign based businesses that do business in the United States and Latin America to help these communities.  We could have saved American taxpayers billions by focusing on the root cause of the problem by providing resources in Latin America to supply clean water, improved healthcare, and employment that would help reduce crime.

That is how you export solutions rather than import problems.

Therefore, let’s start with exporting the problems, and then we can export the solutions.


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