Sorry Kelly – Your Hot But the U.S. Needs Substance Over Style

Style Over Substance???

Truly?  I admire Megyn Kelly and Fox and their practice of hiring attractive intelligent women but they are extending their hiring policy to the Presidential election process.

Fox and Megyn have the ridiculous idea that there is an objective arbitrator of acceptable behavior and that group can dictate who we vote for and who is allowed to participate in the political process.  That is indicative of a major problem in our political system and culture.

I bluntly call it for what it is: censorship.   That sort of censorship is too reminiscent of tyrannies as we have today in China and Cuba and have seen all too recently in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

This assassination of whatever candidate speaks truly about their aims and agenda has put this country on a road to nowhere.  This country was founded upon plain speaking people like George Washington, John Hancock and John Adams who had no tolerance for subterfuge.

Look what milquetoast politicians have done for the republican party and the conservative movement.

George H Bush’s polite weakness with going back on his vow of no new taxes and not finishing the job in Iraq provided us 8 years of a President (Clinton) who was politically correct but the absolute kind of leader Kelly abhors. What can be more anti-women than a misogynistic man that uses a naïve girl as a place to park his cigar and then discards her scarred remnants like soiled toilet paper?

John McCain’s focus on the man in the mirror and an honorable approach to his battle with Obama left him feeling good about himself and the country and world at the hands of a narcissistic radical that supports many anti-women policies like “embracing hospice”, killing 500,000 unborn baby girls a year and allowing anti-women societies in the mid-east to thrive.

Also, history shows further evidence of how appearances can be deceiving: Jefferson’s elegant writing hides a dark lust for female slaves and married women. Roosevelt and Eisenhower both had mistresses but incredibly well managed facades.

Therefore, the point of Fox and Megyn Kelly is that we should focus on polished individuals with potentially dark secrets rather than strong men of character with diarrhea of the mouth? Really??

We cannot have men who say stupid things but instead we elect on superficiality?

I say give me an elected unpolished Trump over weak failed candidates like Romney, Dole, McCain. I say give me a blunt but clean President Trump over a polished but soiled President like Clinton, Obama, Jefferson and Roosevelt.




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